Disk Space Magic

Disk Space Magic lets you free up disk space in a few clicks!

Locate and delete all these big and unnecessary files and folders clogging your precious disk space with a very easy to use disk space usage map!

  • Instantly spot big files regardless of folder deepness.
  • Zoom In and Drag around to inspect in detail.
  • Lightning fast - disk scan is done in background.
  • Delete unneeded files with a click.
  • Open files and folders for preview.
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Recovering free disk space with Disk Space Magic

Disk Space Magic - recover free disk space with a few clicks!

How often have you discovered that there you are out of disk space on your hard drive or memory card? You got that low disk space warning and what is frustrating is that it is not obvious, what has taken up such a big space? Did you wonder at those moments if there is a tool to the rescue?

Disk Space Magic visualizes the disk space used by files and folders on your hard drive or memory card in such a way, that you can easily spot the biggest ones and move or delete them to free up the disk space!

Disk Space Magic lets you recover free disk space in seconds! It displays a map of your drive or memory card with all the files and folders displayed proportionally to their actual size. That makes it easy to locate all the biggest files and folders, no matter where they are hiding.

Disk Space Magic displays a disk space usage map of your drive!

You can easily navigate this map by dragging it around and zooming in and out. As you can see, the bigger file or folder is, the more space it will use on the map. Moreover, all the files and folders are sorted per size, so the biggest ones are just a click away. You can double-click a file or folder to open it and if you discover files or folders that you want to move or delete, just right click them and select the corresponding command!

More to this, Disk Space Magic runs all the scanning and analyzing stuff in background, therefore you can start navigating the disk map instantly, no matter how big your target disk is. And once new information is available to display, it is automatically added without any delays or interruptions.

Take it with you.

Download a 30-day free trial version of Disk Space Magic and free up some disk space right now!

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Disk Space Magic works on Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 2003, 2008 and later. Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions are supported.

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